Best Weed Delivery in Fontana CA

Best Weed Delivery in Fontana CA

Posted by CCG on Jun 2nd 2022

Why Cali Care Group is The Best Weed Delivery in Fontana

Cali Care Group offers you an effortless weed delivery service that is fast, safe, and reliable. With our no-hassle same-day or scheduled delivery of our range of cannabis and CBD products, customers are discovering that we offer the best weed delivery Fontana has.

Our Products

Cali Care Group offers a great selection of brands including Cresco, Kings Garden, Kiva Confections, Moxie, Papas Herb, Wonderbrett, and our own Cali Care Group range of live resin and various cannabis treats. We offer some of the best prices of high-quality cannabis sourced from the most reputable farms. Whether you’re looking for cannabis treats, brand-name cannabis products, CBD, high-quality weed, concentrate, or edibles, Cali Care Group is your one-stop shop with the best weed delivery Fontana has.

Customer Service

When ordering anything online, you want to be sure that customer service is the number one priority. At Cali Care Group, we work tirelessly to ensure that you get the cannabis products that you ordered on time every time. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll help you in any way we can.


We love our weed products and with such a range of products to choose from, we are happy to help you to heighten your experience through education. If you are curious about any product or what you might like best, and how to make the most of your purchase, then we are ready to help you to get the knowledge that you desire.


We value your privacy and use the utmost discretion with all of our customers. Whether you are buying our weed products for enjoyment or require them for medicinal reasons, your privacy is important to us.

Fontana Weed Delivery - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cali Care Group a Licensed Weed Dispensary?

We are a fully licensed cannabis delivery company. We are legally allowed to operate under California state law. Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) license number: Cali Care Group.

Where can Cali Care Group deliver?

Our marijuana delivery service can deliver to select California zip codes including Orange County, Riverside, Inland Empire, Coachella Valley, and San Diego. We are continuously expanding our cannabis delivery service to other parts of California. Check your address through our website to see if we can deliver to you.

Are there age requirements for our marijuana delivery service?

As per the California cannabis regulations, you are able to buy weed online through Cali Care Group if you are over 21 or over 18 as long as you have a valid medical recommendation.

How long will delivery of my weed take?

One of the reasons why we are the best weed delivery Fontana has is because we offer quick delivery times as low as 30 minutes. At peak times, it may take up to 90 minutes, and should it take longer, we may provide you with a discount on your next order.

Women-Owned Fontana Cannabis Company

We are a proudly women-owned Fontana cannabis delivery company. If you are looking for a Fontana weed delivery company with a special flair that a women-owned business can give, then Cali Care Group is the company for you.

Cali Care Group Weed Delivery Fontana

If you're looking for marijuana concentrate, edibles, CBD, cannabis, weed accessories, and trusted brand names, then Cali Care Group has what you are looking for. We supply only the best cannabis products at fantastic prices and have become a trusted place to buy weed online. If you’re looking for record-breaking delivery times with attention to detail, then our marijuana delivery service in Fontana will have you coming back for more.

Place your order now or contact Cali Care Group for more information or help with our line of cannabis products.