How Much to Tip Your Weed Delivery Driver

How Much to Tip Your Weed Delivery Driver

Posted by CCG on Jun 21st 2022

Tipping Your Weed Delivery Driver

With  weed delivery services being legal in California, it raises new questions such as “how much should I tip my weed delivery driver?”. As with any type of tipping where it isn’t required by law, it’s entirely up to you to decide how much you want to tip your weed delivery driver. You can decide to go with the average of about $2 to $10, 10% to 20%, or no tip at all.

Our cannabis delivery service is paid for in full based on the cost of your order. The order value includes all of the fees such as delivery costs, the cost of the products, and payment for our employees and drivers. We take pride in our fast, reliable cannabis delivery service and if you feel that they deserve additional gratitude in the form of a tip, then feel free to give them what you think is fair.

Quality of Weed Delivery Service

An important factor when figuring out how much gratitude you’d like to give your weed delivery driver is the quality of the service you received. Generally speaking, if you found that your weed order was delivered promptly, discreetly, and delivered by someone who was friendly or went out of their way to accommodate a personal request, then you might feel obliged to give them a tip for their excellent service, keeping in mind that you don’t have to tip either.

If you feel that the order was delayed, they messed your order up, or the driver was unfriendly or confrontational, then you wouldn’t likely want to give them a tip. The quality of service is at the heart of tipping. It’s a way for you to say thank you for not only doing your job but doing it well and taking care of me as the customer.

Average Tip for Marijuana Delivery Driver

There are vastly different opinions of how much to tip a delivery driver regardless of the industry but people who regularly tip will often tip $5 or 20% - whichever is more. But again, it’s up to the person doing the tipping to decide what they want to tip. Some people may only tip $5 maximum regardless of whether their order is $20 or $200.

Of course, the marijuana delivery drivers are happy to receive any tip at all so whatever you decide will be fine, even if it’s no tip. If you order weed regularly, you’ll like get the same driver over and over, creating a basic relationship. You may decide to tip them every time they deliver weed or every second or third order that you make. It’s important to stay within your budget because none of our delivery drivers want to pressure you into spending more money than you can afford.

Some people base their tip on the distance that their delivery guy drove to deliver their weed. The distance can be an important factor because not only does it take the driver longer to get there but the cost of fuel increases too – which is covered but still affects the driver’s bottom line. Some people, therefore, tip more if they see that their driver drove far to get them their order.

At the end of the day, whether you’re ordering recreational or medical marijuana, the amount of tip that you want to give your weed dispensary drivers is up to you. If you feel that your driver went the extra mile for you and gave you excellent service, then feel free to show your appreciation by giving them a tip!