Welcome to the Team Thirty One Flavors

Welcome to the Team Thirty One Flavors

Posted by Cali Care Group on Jan 12th 2020

Welcome to the Team 31 Flavors.

Hello, I’m Joe, founder and COO at Cali Care Group and I want to welcome each of you as a new hire to CCG. Some of you will be coming out of college some of you will be in the industry for multiple decades. But what you are about to find out is going to be the most exciting job you’ve ever had in your life. It’s one of the best places to work in every country in the world, we are a family in a very unique way and we’re going to change the way the world works, lives, learns, and plays. This year we are celebrating our 10 year annivesary. We saw more growth both from a financial point of view, from a customer satisfaction point of view, but also from a corporate social responsibility point of view than almost any company have ever done in history during our first 10 years. And the exciting thing is we built the foundation for the next 10. We are the Inland Empire leader in home delivery but we are also very effective at execution.

So as you join Cali Care Group, a couple of areas I’d like to ask you to help us keep as a key part of our culture; On your culture badge, at the very base is what we are and who we are. We put the customer success first in everything we do. With a business models built on vision thinking 5 to 10 years out, strategy, execution. This allows us to move with speed, scale, flexibility and replication.

While we are family we also believe in using our own innovation to really drive collaboration across the Inland Empire, moving from home delivery to store front to a collaborative leadership style. And I can’t emphasize enough our belief in terms of the most successful companies or individuals in the world should be the best in giving back. While we’re not a perfect organization and we do regularly remind each other of that, we are a family. We watch out for each others in ways that, as you will find out over your time at CCG, is very unique.

We set long term goals and we almost always achieve those. We have no fear about entering a new markets or taking on new peers in the industry but we have a lot of healthy paranoia about what could go wrong. And we are setting an aspirational goal that many will say is impossible to achieve but I think we can; to become the best in the world and the best for the world.
I wish you success here at Cali Care Group. I can tell you it will be your best job of your life and I want to welcome you to the CCG family. It’s a great time to be at CCG, I look forward to personally meeting you in years to come.

As Of January of 2020 we are happy to announce the merger between Cali Care Group (CCG) and TFC (Thirty One flavors cannabis). The decision to merge TFC with CCG was made in late 2019 to better the over all customer experience. The changes we have planned are positive and will directly show on the customer service side. Our goal as ONE TEAM ONE DREAM moto, it is to now and always make sure you the customers are given the best service possible. As we roll out of plans for 2020 and beyond Thirty One Flavor customers and patients you will start to see some of the positive changes as soon as your next order! Thank you for the years of commitment and loyalty to both TFC, and CCG.

Cali Care Group.